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Presenting our highly proficient business development team

Our top-notch software and web app team consists of skilled experts from various fields. Feel the impact of our expertise.

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Our Company Leaders

These are the founders/leaders of our company.

Ray Rahman

Managing Director

Lucy Murgida

Project Coordinator

Nizam Ahmed

Business Development Manager

Ejaz Rasool

Software Team Manager

Our Software Solutions

Accelerate your business growth with our expert development team!

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals and emerging talents, each bringing unique value to the table. Together, we tackle complex projects with confidence and deliver exceptional results. Our collaborative and transparent environment fosters creativity and celebrates the power of teamwork. With dedication to excellence, we exceed expectations in bespoke software, website, and mobile app development. Let us combine our strengths to help you reach your fullest potential.

Professional Experience

Our ECA team consists of seasoned professionals from diverse fields and industries. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and unmatched proficiency.

Professional Collaboration

We aim to achieve exceptional heights and surpass all expectations. Let us inspire and enhance your business to unparalleled levels of success. Collaborate with us as we strive for excellence.

Professional Customer Focus

At ECA, we firmly believe that achieving success is a realistic goal for all our esteemed clients. Our comprehensive software analysis process ensures that we deliver proficient and professional services, customized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring absolute satisfaction.

Excellence in Professionalism

At ECA, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services that exceed expectations. Our team is highly trained to deliver outstanding customer service, always striving for excellence. Success comes from our unwavering commitment to professionalism and quality.

Full Stack Developers

Elevate your potential with ECA's software engineers, who possess expert skill sets in front-end, back-end, servers, hardware, networking, and databases. With their extensive knowledge of the complete software stack, they surmount any obstacle in software development. We inspire you to strive for excellence with ECA's team of professionals.

Innovation and Creativity

Our team has a great track record of securing funding for various software projects, including SRED and IRAP grants. We can help bring your unique ideas to life and make your enterprise a thriving reality. We'll provide expert guidance and support to ensure success at every step.


Professionals Driving Your Success

Our highly proficient business development team comprises experts from diverse disciplines. Leverage their expertise for exceptional outcomes.

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Vikson Bharadhwaz

Senior Web Developer

Amy Roger

Business Analyst

Sanjeev Singh

Software Engineer

Richard Reeve

Software Engineer

Allistair Briggs

Senior App Developer

Meera Rahman


Brittany Cutley

Brand Strategist

S.A. Topu

Multimedia Developer

Demetri Kiritsis

SEO Expert

Yuhang Lee

App Developer

Deepu Singh

eCommerce Developer

Harsh Vardhan

Software Engineer

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